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Unpacking the book


I published the novelĀ Dionysos’ Island in December 2012. It is set in 1971.

A novel is a story. You pass through it quickly, following the line of the narrative. But, like a road through a landscape, a corridor in a house, you pass towns, rooms that you don’t have time to stop at, that may be worth entering, pondering.

This website is about the book, in which I stop at the towns, the rooms, walk along streets, open doors. Explore.

I hope individual aspects will be of interest in themselves. And that they will add to an understanding of the book.

Keith Walton

A page a day. I post one page of the book each day.

Places. Expands on the locales that are important in and to the book.

Reviews and comments. Will give a flavour of responses to the book.

Themes and variations. Says more about the ideas and theories broached.

Art. Does the same for artworks.