Unpacking the book


I published the novel Dionysos’ Island in December 2012. It is set in 1971.

A novel is a story. You pass through it quickly, following the line of the narrative. But, like a road through a landscape, a corridor in a house, you pass towns, rooms that you don’t have time to stop at, that may be worth entering, pondering.

This website is about the book, in which I stop at the towns, the rooms, walk along streets, open doors. Explore.

I hope individual aspects will be of interest in themselves. And that they will add to an understanding of the book.

Keith Walton

A page a day. I post one page of the book each day.

Places. Expands on the locales that are important in and to the book.

Reviews and comments. Will give a flavour of responses to the book.

Themes and variations. Says more about the ideas and theories broached.

Art. Does the same for artworks.


About Keith Walton

I'm a writer. My books are 'First Cut', poetry, and three novels, 'Diggers and Dreamers', 'Dionysos' Island', and 'The Divided Wood'. 'Cycling la Méridienne verte' is the blog of my 1,400 mile bike ride along the Paris Meridian, from Dunkirk to Perpignan. I'm now writing a sequel to 'Dionysos' Island', called 'Odysseos' Island'. I'm also a publisher. Our imprint is Brimstone Press - see our website for details of what and how we publish.

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